Assam GK (English) Mock Test 01

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Assam GK (English) Mock Test

Assam GK (English) Mock Test 01

Full collection of Assam gk questions, answers, facts and figures for all competitive exams.

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Which day is observed as Rhino Day in Assam:

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Sati Sadhini was a queen of which dynasty:

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The Assam Medical College was formerly known as:

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The novel “Abhijatri” was written by:

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Which of the following wild life sanctuaries is located in Udalguri district:

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Which Assamese writer is also known as “Upanyash  Samrat”

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Who was the first to start the system of land surveying in Assam:

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What is the meaning of the word Ai in the festival name “Ali Ai Ligang”

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The “Baisagu” festival is celebrated by which ethnic group of Assam:

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In which district “Sri Surya Pahar” is located:

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Which district was previously known as Bangmara and Changmai Pathar:

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Hamren is the headquarter of which one district:

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Who is the first Assamese to climb Mount Everest:

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The Rain Forest Research Institute in Assam is located:

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Who is appointed as the first-ever sports ambassador of Assam:

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By area wise Assam is the __ biggest state in India:

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“Atmanusandhan” is an autobiography written by:

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Which state is not covered under the jurisdiction of the Guwahati High Court:

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Which one is the highest mountain range in Assam:

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Which Assamese poet is also known as Dhowni Kobi:

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