Assam History Mock Test-অসম বুৰঞ্জী-07

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Assam History Mock Test-07

Complete Assam History Mock Test - 07

History is the study of the past. Events, peoples, cultures and human behaviour are studied by historians.


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 Who was the ambassador sent by Bhaskara Varman to Harshabardhan :

ভাস্কৰ বৰ্মনে হৰ্ষবৰ্ধনৰ সভালৈ পঠোৱা কটকী জন কোন আছিল

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Who was the contemporary of BhaskarVarman ?

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Which of the following Varman King performed Ashwamedha Or Horse Sacrifice to throw off the Gupta Empire?  Or   

Who was the first king from Assam to perform ‘Ashwamedha Yogna’ ?

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Bhaskar Varman issued the famous NidhanPur Copper-Plate grant after the battle of :

ভাস্কৰ বৰ্মনে কি যুদ্ধৰ পিছত বিখ্যাত নিধানপুৰ তাম্ৰলিপিৰ অনুদান জাৰী কৰিছিল

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The title “Kumara Raja” was given to :

“কুমাৰ ৰজা” উপাধিটো কাক দিয়া হৈছিল

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From which of the following inscriptions, the defeat of Gauda king Shashanka by BhaskaraVarman can be traced ?

নিম্নলিখিত কোন শিলালিপিৰ পৰা, ভাস্কৰ বৰ্মণৰ দ্বাৰা গৌড় ৰজা শশাঙ্কৰ পৰাজয় বিচাৰি উলিয়াব পাৰি

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The earlier Varmans were subordinates of the :

প্ৰাচীন বৰ্মন সকল কাৰ অধীনস্থ আছিল

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Who is the author of the biography “Harsha Charita” where the Varman king MahabhutaVarman is named as BhutiVarman ?

বৰ্মন ৰজা মহাভূতবৰ্মনক ভূতিবৰ্মন বুলি নামাকৰণ কৰা “হৰ্ষ চৰিত”ৰ লেখক কোন

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In ancient Kamrup, “Brahmadeya” land was gifted to :

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Princess Amrita Prabha, who married the the prince of Kashmir Meghavahana, was the daughter of :

ৰাজকুমাৰী অমৃত প্ৰভা কাৰ জীয়ৰী আছিল

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