How is the life of APS in APSC ?

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The Assam Police Department functions to enforce and maintain law and order, prevent criminal activities, and contribute to public safety without bias. The Department is committed to integrity, discipline, accountability, and fearlessness. Based on the cornerstone of sincerity, dedication, and compassion Assam Police is mission-driven to uphold the rights, safety, and dignity of citizens whilst abiding by the Constitution. This apart, the Department also works incessantly towards strengthening the police-public bond so participatory democracy can be implemented in the truest sense.

You can get following jobs after clearing Assam Public Service commissioner exam:

Director under Industries and Commerce Department,
Assistant Director under Industries and Commerce Department
Assistant Registrar Co-operative Society
Traffic Manager
Assistant Architect Public Works (Building & NH) Department
Assam Land &Revenue Service
Assam Police Service
Superintendent of Taxes
Superintendent of Excise
Asstt. Employment Officer
Labour Inspector
Directorate of Archieves
Inspector of Taxes
District Food and supply manager
Director of Economics and Statistics
Inspector of Factories
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APSC salary 2024 Job and Responsibilities

In Assam government departments, including the civil and police services, APSC officers are responsible for managing and carrying out administrative duties.
Field visits, putting government policies into practice, managing employees, writing reports, and making sure the law is followed are all part of their responsibilities.
Effective leadership and communication abilities are necessary when working with other officials and stakeholders.
Officers may travel, perform fieldwork, assist individuals, and handle public complaints.
The position requires professionalism, maintaining the highest ethical standards, and a commitment to public service.
Officers must follow the principles of the Assam government and be prepared to operate in different areas as needed.

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