Most Important Idioms For All Assam Competitive Exam-SET 01

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Most Important Idioms For All Assam Competitive Exam By Assamese Language

Important Idioms for Assam Competitive Exams-SET 01. As we understand that English has come to be a global language. Apart from this, English is required to crack the Bank exam, UPSC exam, SSC exam, etc., even if it is a CBT-written examination or interview. Therefore, English language/General English is introduced as a subject/section in the Government exam. The goal of the General English situation is to take a look at the primary appreciation of the candidate, right grammar utilization of the English language, vocabulary usage, and writing capacity in the aggressive exam.

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An idiom is a widely used saying or expression that contains a figurative meaning that is different from the phrase’s literal meaning.

প্ৰত্যেক ভাষাতে কিছুমান শব্দক বিশেষ অৰ্থত ব্যবহাৰ কৰা হয় আৰু এনেবোৰ শব্দ ৰ অভিধানিক অৰ্থ বেলেগ হোৱাও দেখা যায়। ইংৰাজী ভাষাত এনে ধৰণৰ শব্দ বা শব্দ সমষ্টিক idiom নতুবা idiomatic expression বোলা হয়।

1. All Greek ( বুজিব নোৱাৰা) : He spoke English so badly that it was all greek to me.

2. The Apple of discord (কাজিয়াৰ বিষয়) : A small plot of land became the Apple of discord between two families.

3. The Apple of one’s eye (অতি মৰমৰ) : Rhea is the apple of her mother’s eye. the eleventh hour (শেষ মুহূর্তত) : The doctor was called at the eleventh hour, and the patient could not be saved.

5.bear a hand (সহায় কৰা) : we are prepared to bear a hand in this noble work.

6.blow one’s own trumpet (নিজকে প্ৰশংসা কৰা) : A sincere person never blows his own trumpet.

7. Fight shy (গা এৰি দিয়া) : I never fight shy of my duties.

8. Hold water (কামত নাহে) : Your explanation doesn’t hold water in this context.

9. In a nutshell (সংক্ষেপে) : She explained everything in a nutshell.

10. In lieu of (পৰিৱৰ্তে) : A Hindi speaker may offer any of the major Indian languages in lieu of Hindi.

11. In the guise of (ছদ্মবেশত) : The dacoits entered the house in the guise of policemen.

12. In Vogue (প্ৰচলিত) : Many of the old customs are not in Vogue now.

13. Lion’s share(মোটা অংশ) : He is deceiving his partners by taking the lion’s share of the profit.

14. Of late (সম্প্রতি) : Of late, there have been many strikes and lock outs in the country.

15. Red letter day(উল্লেখযোগ্য দিন) : The 15th August is a red letter day for the people of India.

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