Computer Awareness Questions MCQ In English (FREE)

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91. Name the software that is required to run any hardware component in a computer system.
A. Hardware driver
B. Device driver
C. Direct driver
D. Device component driver
Correct Answer – “B”


92. Which is not a fifth-generation fifth-generation high-level language
B. C
C. C++
D. Java
Correct Answer – “A”


93. Which of the following is a column, or set of columns, in a table that can uniquely identify any database record without referring to any other data?
A. Super key
B. Candidate key
C. Primary key
D. Alternate key
Correct Answer – “B”


94. AGP slot on a motherboard provides for a direct connection between the card and memory. What does ‘A’ stand for AGP?
A. Aerial
B. Automated
C. Advanced
D. Accelerated
Correct Answer – “D”


95. Flash memory is an electronic non-volatile computer memory storage medium. Which of the following is an example of flash memory?
B. Floppy Disk Drive
C. Pen drive
Correct Answer – “C”


96. In which type of network topology, all the nodes are connected to a single hub through a cable?
A. Bus topology
B. Ring topology
C. Mesh topology
D. Star topology
Correct Answer – “D”


97. What do we call the pictorial representation that uses predefined symbols to describe either the logic of a computer program or the data flow and processing steps of a system?
A. Flowchart
B. Algorithm
C. Block diagram
D. Loop
Correct Answer – “A”


98. OMR is an electronic method that scans a document and reads the data from the marked fields. What does ‘M’ stands for in OMR?
A. Memory
B. Manager
C. Machine
D. Mark
Correct Answer – “D”


99. Which of the following shortcut key save the open document in MS WWord-like‘Ctrl + S’?
A. Shift + F7
B. Shift + F3
C. Shift + F12
D. Ctrl + Shift + F12
Correct Answer – “C”


100. Which of the following MS PowerPoint tab holds commands related to the presence of slides like page setup and slide orientation?
A. Transition
B. Insert
C. Design
D. Animation
Correct Answer – “C”

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