Computer Awareness Questions MCQ In English (FREE)

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141. What is the maximum zoom percentage in Microsoft PowerPoint?
A. 100%
B. 200%
C. 400%
D. 500%
Correct Answer – “C”


142. Which of the following is a web browser?
A. Netscape
B. Chrome
C. Firefox
D. All of the above
Correct Answer – “D”


143. A computer language that consists of binary digits is called _________________.
A. high-level language
B. machine language
C. hypertext language
D. low-level language
Correct Answer – “B”


144. Two or more computers connected to each other for sharing information form a ______________.
A. Router
B. Server
C. Network
D. Tunnel
Correct Answer – “C”


145. Which one of the following is the internet Standard Protocol?
C. C++
Correct Answer – “D”


146. Which of the following key are used to open the file the  menu of the current the program the 
A. Ctrl  F
B. Shift + F
C. Alt + F
D. Ctrl +Alt + F

Correct Answer – “C”


147. In the second generation, which type of primary memory was used to store data?
A. Paper tapes
C. Magnetic core
D. Magnetic tape
Correct Answer – “D”


148. Which of the following terms is used for unsolicited e-mail?
A. News Group
B. Trash
C. Backbone
D. Spam
Correct Answer – “D”


149. If you want to insert a chart to your slide, then go to _____________.
A. Insert – Chart
B. Home – Chart
C. Format – Chart
D. Table – Chart
Correct Answer – “A”


150. In a spreadsheet, a _____________ is a number you will use in a calculation.
A. label
B. cell
C. field
D. value
Correct Answer – “D”

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