Computer Awareness Questions MCQ In English (FREE)

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71. Which of the following is the first supercomputer developed by C-DAC?
A. Color Boson
C. PARAM Ishan
D. PARAM 8000
Correct Answer – “D”


72. What is another name for Android 10.0 developed by Google?
A. Pie
B. KitKat
C. Nougat
D. Android Q
Correct Answer – “D”


73. Which of the following counting device was developed in China had rectangular wooden frame frames and beads on them?
A. Punched card system
B. Napier’s Bone
C. Abacus
D. Pascaline
Correct Answer – “C”


74. Which of the following printers work by melting the solid ink that applies the images to the paper?

A. Plotter

B. Impact printer
C. Non-Impact printer

D. Solid Ink printer

Correct Answer – “D”


75. The full form of BIOS
A. Basic Input Output System
B. Basic Inward Outward System
C. Basic Inter Outer System
D. Basic Inner Outer System
Correct Answer – “A”


76. Ctrl + Y in MS Excel and MS Word is used for
A. Deleting a cell
B. Clear all data
C. Bold the text
D. Redo
Correct Answer – “D”


77. InkJet Printer is an example of which among the following?
A. Impact Printer
B. Non-Impact Printer
C. Band Printer
D. Drum Printer
Correct Answer – “B”


78. Which among the following store’s data of frequently used information from main memory?
A. Hard disk
D. Cache memory
Correct Answer – “D”


79. In the school  laboratory, the network that is used is
Correct Answer – “C”


80. If you want your computer to start at the stage in which it was turned off, you have to put it in
A. Access mode
B. Address mode
C. Hibernate mode
D. Destroy mode
Correct Answer – “C”

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